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Dr. Spencer Striker, Digital Media Professor at the American University in Dubai, (now at Northwestern University in Qatar), has launched a podcast called Dubai Wave, produced by he and a talented team of students, in a course called Online Media Production. Bringing listeners around the world interviews with fascinating personalities from Dubai and the greater Middle East.

December 5, 2018

Ep 13: Dubai Startup Hub, ft. Natalia Sycheva

The Dubai Wave Podcast’s influential Season 3 continues with a riveting conversation with one of Dubai's ultimate business insiders! Thrilled to present our world exclusive with Natalia Sycheva, Manager of Entrepreneurship at the famous Dubai Chamber - and the indefatigable firebrand brand behind the Dubai Startup Hub

Produced by Dr. Spencer Striker, Digital Media Professor at the American University in Dubai, the show is created with the help of a talented student production team at AUD.


About Natalia
Entrepreneurship expert, Natalia Sycheva, is managing entrepreneurship strategy 2021 for the Dubai Chamber. 

Program portfolio includes startup fund, MarketAccess (B2B) for startups, startup business advocacy, entrepreneurship education, and the truly innovative Dubai Startup Hub initiative. 

Through partnership with public sector counterparts, industry leaders locally and internationally, fostering development of innovative private sector of Dubai. Before transitioning to public sector Natalia was in charge of developing industry programs for Deloitte Middle East. In her role she provided strategic, analytical, and operational leadership to develop and implement cross-functional strategies to effectively serve firm's clients and grow Deloitte's businesses in the region.

Additionally, Natalia is a Fulbright Scholar, with two masters degrees in International Finance and History. She is the author of numerous publications in the fields of government decision-making process, trade and energy policies. Her insights were presented at both national and international conferences including the World Energy Congress. And she is one of the most passionate, articulate experts on the past, present, and future of Dubai's promising startup scene!

About the Dubai Wave Podcast
The concept with Dubai Wave is to look at big picture Dubai. Each episode focuses on a unique topic, such as Dubai Fitness; Dubai Social Media; Dubai Food Scene; Dubai Music, etc., with the goal to illuminate a 360-degree viewpoint of all the exciting things happening here, the gem of the Middle East. The impressive guest list to date includes the founder of Dubai’s most influential MMA gym, Tam Khan (Dubai MMA); successful entrepreneur, Anas Bukhash (Dubai Entrepreneurship); the editor of What’s On Dubai, Laura Coughlin (Dubai Magazines); the host of Virgin Radio Dubai, Brent Black, (Dubai Radio); and the first Emirati filmmaker to achieve International acclaim and standing, Ali F. Mostafa, (Dubai Film). Previously, Dr. Striker, with help from talented Digital Media and MBRSC students, launched a successful podcast called Digital Media & Tech in Dubai, focused on the Dubai tech industry, with eight episodes to date, featuring some of Dubai’s most exciting digital thought leaders.  

Hosted by:
Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai
& Eyad Al Shaar, Digital Media Student at AUD

Special Guest:
Natalia V. Sycheva of the Dubai Startup Hub

Natalia's LinkedIn:

Produced by: Dina Bashaireh, AUD Digital Media student

Edited by:
Kristine Khachatryan, AUD Digital Media student

Audio engineering by:
AUD Digital Media’s own Anil Mathew James

Special thanks to the AUD Marcom Team.

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