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Dr. Spencer Striker, Digital Media Professor at the American University in Dubai, (now at Northwestern University in Qatar), has launched a podcast called Dubai Wave, produced by he and a talented team of students, in a course called Online Media Production. Bringing listeners around the world interviews with fascinating personalities from Dubai and the greater Middle East.

April 9, 2020

Ep 19: Dubai Style, ft. Shahd Al Jumaily

The Dubai Wave Podcast’s influential Season 3 concludes with an exclusive conversation with Dubai's leading fashion icon, style influencer, and sought after wedding planner, Shahd Al Jumaily! Thrilled to present our super exclusive conversation with multi-faceted stylist, fashion designer, architect, and entrepreneur, Shahd Al Jumaily. And with this final excellent world exclusive interview--we're proud to bring our 19 episode Dubai Wave Podcast interview series to a successful close. 

Produced by Dr. Spencer Striker, Digital Media Professor at the American University in Dubai, (now at Northwestern University in Qatar), the show was created with the help of a talented student production team at AUD 


About Shahd

Architect and entrepreneur, Shahd Al Jumaily’s journey in the fashion world started while she was pursuing a degree in Architecture at the American University in Dubai. This nurtured her creativity and design skills, teaching her to sketch, and seek elusive perfection, until her search for all things unique drove her to start her own fashion label, Zanajeel, in 2012, and later her wedding planning business, The ArchiTales.

"I'd label myself as an Architect & Entrepreneur," the charismatic Shahd tells us. "Architecture is a part of my personality, it's my degree which I worked really hard for and the basis for everything else that I've started as an entrepreneur. Designing and blogging are things I absolutely love and enjoy doing! But I'm more interested in the business side of the fashion and social media worlds." Rushing between events, photoshoots and her favorite spots in Dubai, Shahd shared with us her fashion tips, advice to young women entrepreneurs, and how she planned her wedding.

Shahd’s personal style is eclectic and ever-growing, and she believes this is important to creating a successful fashion image. Her nonstop curiosity and open-mindedness to new ideas holds the key to her success.  

Hosted by: Spencer Striker, PhD, Formerly Digital Media Professor at the American University in Dubai (now Northwestern University in Qatar)

Special Guest: Shahd Al Jumaily   

Official Website and social media links:

About the Dubai Wave Podcast: The concept with Dubai Wave is to look at big picture Dubai. Each episode focuses on a unique topic, such as Dubai Fitness; Dubai Social Media; Dubai Food Scene; Dubai Music, etc., with the goal to illuminate a 360-degree viewpoint of all the exciting things happening here, the gem of the Middle East. The impressive guest list to date includes the founder of Dubai’s most influential MMA gym, Tam Khan (Dubai MMA); successful entrepreneur, Anas Bukhash (Dubai Entrepreneurship); the editor of What’s On Dubai, Laura Coughlin (Dubai Magazines); the host of Virgin Radio Dubai, Brent Black, (Dubai Radio); and the first Emirati filmmaker to achieve International acclaim and standing, Ali F. Mostafa, (Dubai Film). Previously, Dr. Striker, with help from talented Digital Media and MBRSC students, launched a successful podcast called Digital Media & Tech in Dubai, focused on the Dubai tech industry, with eight episodes to date, featuring some of Dubai’s most exciting digital thought leaders.

Production Manager: Carma Al Younes, AUD Digital Media student
Edited by: Aminur Rahman
On-Site Recording Support by: AUD Digital Media’s own Anil Mathew James
Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, PhD 

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