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Dr. Spencer Striker, Digital Media Professor at the American University in Dubai, (now at Northwestern University in Qatar), has launched a podcast called Dubai Wave, produced by he and a talented team of students, in a course called Online Media Production. Bringing listeners around the world interviews with fascinating personalities from Dubai and the greater Middle East.

November 27, 2017

Ep 9: Dubai Podcasters, ft. Dukkan and the Learning Curve

The Dubai Wave Podcast returns with a special episode! This time we present a conversation about the Dubai podcast scene with two of Dubai’s most influential podcasters, The Dukkan Show, (featuring the one and only OT), and The Learning Curve, (featuring Nicholla Henderson Hall, champion of women entrepreneurship in the Middle East).

Produced by Dr. Spencer Striker, Digital Media Professor at the American University in Dubai, the show is created with the help of a talented student production team at AUD.


About the Dukkan Show
Dukkan Show is a podcast that is the brainchild of Omar OT Tom, Feras Toofless Ibrahim, and Irshad Jibberish Azeez. Dukkan Show a show about perspectives from the point of view of 3rd culture kids in the UAE.

Drawing parallels from fabled stories of social gatherings at trade hubs and weekend markets, the hosts find that a similar experience is had when neighborhood friends group outside of their local grocery store to just hang out and talk for a while.

In essence, Dukkan is the simple joy of companionship and spirited discussion.

About The Learning Curve
The Learning Curve Podcast is awesome.  We are a young show aimed at sharing the stories of awesome women working and living in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa). We share their business stories and find out about how they achieve their goals and what kept them going.  We find out what has inspired them and where their business ideas come from.  

The women of the MENA are strong, vibrant entrepreneurial women who have a strong belief system that they can achieve success in their work.  Nicholla has lived and worked in this region all her life and she's met and worked with some talented ladies who don't see walls, barriers and red tape. They see opportunity, possibilities and outcomes. They too have this innate energy to be the best they can be and make their dreams come true. Would you like to hear from these women?  Would you like to be helped along your own entrepreneurial path or dream?  Well you can be inspired with these podcasts.  These women open up and will help your path to success.  

About the Dubai Wave Podcast
The concept with Dubai Wave is to look at big picture Dubai. Each episode focuses on a unique topic, such as Dubai Fitness; Dubai Social Media; Dubai Food Scene; Dubai Music, etc., with the goal to illuminate a 360-degree viewpoint of all the exciting things happening here, the gem of the Middle East. The impressive guest list to date includes the founders of two of Dubai’s most popular food blogs (Dubai Foodie Scene); the founder of Dubai’s most influential MMA gym, Tam Khan (Dubai MMA); successful entrepreneur, Anas Bukhash (Dubai Entrepreneurship); the editor of What’s On Dubai, Laura Coughlin (Dubai Magazines); and the host of Virgin Radio Dubai, Brent Black, (Dubai Radio). Previously, Dr. Striker, with help from talented Digital Media and MBRSC students, launched a successful podcast called Digital Media & Tech in Dubai, focused on the Dubai tech industry, with eight episodes to date, featuring some of Dubai’s most exciting digital thought leaders.  

Hosted by:
Spencer Striker, PhD, Digital Media professor at the American University in Dubai

& Basma Choucri, Digital Media Student at AUD

Special Guests:
Omar Tom (“OT”): Founder of the Dukkan Show, one of Dubai’s leading podcasts.


Nicholla Henderson Hall: Founder of the Learning Curve Podcast, champion of women entrepreneurship in the Middle East.


Edited by: Dina Bashaireh, AUD Digital Media student

Audio engineering by:
AUD Digital Media’s own Anil Mathew James

Special thanks to the AUD Marcom Team.

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